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How I Got A £4k Referral On LinkedIn

Sales and marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. 

Sure – SEO, Facebook ads and content marketing are cool… But they take time, money and expertise to master.

Instead, I find the best opportunities are right under your nose – referrals from your existing contacts.

Here’s an example.

A few years ago, I was doing a project for a health brand.

The founder of the company is well connected in that space.

So, I went to his LinkedIn profile and viewed his connections.

I did this by clicking the ‘500+ connections’ link under his name.

On the next page, I clicked ‘All Filters’ at the top to narrow down his list of connections.

Under ‘Industry’ I selected ‘Health, Wellbeing and Fitness.’

Finally, I narrowed it down further to my geographic location.

I now had a list of his connections in the health industry from my area.

I started scrolling and one connection stood out.

He was the founder of a nutrition brand based nearby.

Their website was using stock photos and had no video content.

So, I emailed my client asking if he knew the founder personally, because I felt I could help them improve their web presence.

He sent an introductory email and I booked a meeting.

A few weeks later, they accepted my proposal and I had a simple £4k project in the bank.

Bottom line:

The easiest and cheapest way to get new business is through your existing network. 

Referrals are always the best quality leads and have the highest conversion rate for me.


  • Identify your best client
  • Visit their profile and look at their connections
  • Use LinkedIn’s filters to narrow down your search
  • Email your client asking for a specific introduction
  • Explain how you can bring value to their connection
  • Bonus tip: Write the intro email for them to reduce friction

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