Garth Dew

What I'm Doing Now

Updated 21st October 2023, from Preston, UK.

Video Production

My video production business continues to be my core focus work-wise. After a brief period of employing someone, I'm back operating as a one-person business. I've realised I prefer keeping overheads to a minimum - pursuing profit and discretionary time over growth.


In April 2022, I started a podcast with long time friend, and fellow enquiring mind, Simon Parrott. It's called The Man's Pursuit, and it features open and honest conversations around health, wealth and relationships. I loved doing this project, and the feedback was awesome, but it was eating up a lot of time. The podcast is on a temporary sabbatical. After appearing on Mich Bondesio's Creating Cadence podcast, I am feeling a strong urge to get back into podcasting - whether that's the Man's Pursuit or as a solo venture.

Latest Documentary

I recently finished my first longer form documentary. It's called Head Above Water, and tells the story of ultra endurance athlete Alex Staniforth. I entered it into Kendal Mountain Film Festival, but it didn't get selected, which I was both amazed and gutted about. We are now planning our own premiere and launch.

Endurance Life

I'm training daily with a focus on optimal health and endurance. I've been enjoying the content of Chris Hauth and I'm drawn to the idea of building a massive aerobic base, so I can take on any challenge I want to in the future. My ultimate goal is to complete an ultra marathon, but after overtraining and a lack of patience in my first year as a runner, I have gone back to scratch and I am building up my 'aerobic base' properly. Phil Maffetone's method is my go-to strategy right now.

This page is inspired by the NowNowNow movement started by Derek Sivers.