Garth Dew

What I'm Doing Now

Now page inspired by Derek Sivers. Updated 21st August 2023, from Preston, UK.

Business as Usual

My video production business continues to be my core focus. I'm approaching my nine year anniversary and I'm trying to be more selective with the work I take on.

The Man's Pursuit

In April 2022, I started a podcast with long time friend, and fellow enquiring mind, Simon Parrott.
It's called The Man's Pursuit, and it features open and honest conversations around the pursuit of our optimal life.
I loved doing this project, and the feedback was awesome, but it was eating up a lot of time. The podcast is on a temporary sabbatical whilst we both focus on business.

Latest Documentary

I like to have passion projects on the go to keep my creativity and soul alive. I'm currently working on my first long form documentary about an ultra endurance athlete. My hope is to get it into some of the big festivals this Autumn.

Training for Longevity

Since retiring from rugby, I've kept fit, but my training has lacked focus and purpose.

That's changed since reading Outlive by Peter Attia. His philosophy is to train so you can be a kick-ass 100 year old and continue to function well into your final years. I am dedicating a lot of time to zone 2 cardio, stability and strength training.

I am also running a lot and would like to complete some ultra endurance challenges, but I'm trying to patient so I don't break myself in the process.

The reality of playing top flight rugby in my younger days, and sustaining major injuries, is that I need to look after body.


I try to spend as much time as possible with my kids. They won't be small forever.