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Filmmaker, musician and ultra athlete. Living and working in Lancashire, UK.

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All commercial film work [2014-2024] - Produced under the 'GD Video' label for brands including Volvo, Speedo, Quorn, and Neve.

Head Above Water [2024] - Long form documentary on ultra athlete Alex Staniforth.

Fixed By The Fells [2021] - Short documentary on outdoorsman and author Harrison Ward (@FellFoodie).

Ride for 24 [2021] - Short documentary on ultra athlete Benjamin Anthony.

Work Hard, Keep Pushing [2019] - Short documentary on rugby player Oga Mabaya.


Chance Waves [2024] - A piece of experimental, generative music. Cinematic vibes.

Ambient Music Generator [2024] - A coding/generative music experiment that creates a unique, never-ending ambient experience.

The Mellow Pond [2024] - A two-part ambient album featuring a blend of improvised, analogue synth loops.

Mindlessness [2023] - An hour-long piece of generative ambient music taking you on a relaxing, meditative journey.


Ultramarathon Fundraising [2024] - Running 50 miles for The Orange Foundation on May 11th 2024

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