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“Garth’s business brain is second to none in the video industry”
James Cook | Founder, Foster Studios

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What People Say

I gleaned an enormous amount of knowledge from my chat with Garth. Incredibly helpful and insightful. Easy to follow and easy to implement. Top bloke.

Alex Bowdery

Had a great strategy call with Garth last week. We talked and analysed video marketing and how to market video marketing. Learned from him a lot about dealing with brands. Appreciate your time and effort you invest in helping others grow. I highly recommended his sessions for any videographers want to make the next step.

Andras Dietrich

I came into contact with Garth after he was offering some one-to-one support with videographers to help give some guidance. Garth gave me some really valuable tips and information. It’s not often you come across people who offer their help to complete strangers for nothing in return – just the chance to help and give back.

James Corr

After seeing that Garth had been offering online support to creatives I snapped up the opportunity to chat to him and booked in a consultation. I can honestly say that I’ve taken more value from an hour chatting to Garth than an entire year at university… Being fairly new to an industry that is heavily dominated by males can be quite daunting for a budding videographer like myself. Not only did Garth put me at ease by sharing his experiences, he also helped me to map out a clear strategy for my business and personal brand.

Jodie Holland

Garth provided invaluable advice in our consultation on growing my videography business, providing clear direction and ideas that I’ll be acting upon. I’d thoroughly recommend any videographer seeking guidance take up the opportunity to chat with Garth.

Alexander Banks

Garth is not only knowledgeable, he is also generous and very personable. His desire to both help and educate people is very clear to see, and this speaks volumes about his character. A real breath of fresh air!

Zaki Solosho

As a videographer at the start of my journey it can be hard to get the ball rolling and know if you’re doing the right thing. In one zoom call Garth laid out some very useful information on how to get started and keep momentum. He used specific examples from my life on ways I could build connections and progress my career to where I want to be. Not only that but he gave some useful financial advice and was just generally fun to talk to. Top guy!

Nathan Ellerton

Garth is someone that I have admired on LinkedIn for many years now due to his quality of content and down to earth approach in everything he does. His advice has been hugely beneficial to me as an individual and also for my own video business. Garth’s business brain is second to none in the video industry.

James Cook

A genuine nice guy, great professional, just wanting to help other videographers. I reached out to Garth hoping I learn something, and we’ve just had an hours chat that was easy and informative. Got me thinking in different ways, pushing forward in my career. If you are starting out and want some advice, definitely give him a message!

Michael Law

I didn’t think a virtual consultation would help set me on the right path. I was proven wrong. Not only did Garth provide me with tailored advice, specific to my current stage in my career, turns out he’s also a absolute professional with an abundance of industry knowledge. A overall great guy who provided me with some much needed advice and guidance.

Sam Pearson